Mentors are the Heart of Our Ohana

It was the summer between Junior and Senior year for K.  She was about to graduate from high school and enter a whole new world of self-reliance and personal responsibility. 

Her friend and mentor, H. was all the way in Michigan, where she spent her summers.  When she saw the invitation to a Take Stock event in Bradenton, she paused.  K. was the third girl she had guided through high school and into college as a Take Stock mentor.  She recognized the critical moment that K. was in and wanted to be there for her.

H. flew from Michigan to Florida to accompany K. on a Take Stock outing to Tree-Umph on July’s hottest day.  The two worked together to get through the challenging ropes course and, at the end, celebrated their personal achievement with a warm hug.

Four months later, K. honored H. (whom she lovingly refers to as ‘Ma Bear’) with the Mentor of the Year award at Take Stock Manatee’s annual Mentor Appreciation Breakfast.

Our mentors are the heart of our ohana.  Our family.  They work with our talented scholars throughout the school year to hear their fears, guide their choices and encourage them to realize their potential.

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