On January 23rd, 2018 we are presenting 30 new scholarship recipients in front of the Manatee County Board Members. We asked a Take Stock alumni student, Nereida Valle, what her feelings were as she had personally experienced this evening and how she feels about having her first mentee presented in front of the board members.

Nereida has already accomplished two life goals: she graduated from the USF Nurse Anesthetist program and has become a TSIC mentor.

Nereida chose nurse anesthetist as a career path because it combines science with art and the opportunity to show compassion to patients. "I am the patient’s eyes, ears, and physiological protector while they undergo any procedure,” she said.” Many people said the CRNA program was a challenging program to be accepted into and complete. I wanted to face that challenge just as I have faced so many challenges in my life growing up.”

“When I was in the sixth grade, I already knew what a scholarship was and I was excited to be given the opportunity to attend college. However, I was just beginning to understand all the involvement and dedication it would take to keep my well-earned scholarship. My mentor and advisors helped remind me every year about the commitment we had made in the sixth grade. No matter how hard it was, it was worth all those years!”

Once she graduated, Nereida felt she had time to become a mentor herself. "I signed up to become a mentor immediately so I can guide and motivate an underserved child to attend college just as I was given the opportunity. Mentoring a scholarship recipient gives me the opportunity to give back to those who put me where I am today. Now, I am able to create goals and achieve them. As a CRNA, I am motivated to help others as I was helped in my young years.”

Mentors, what/who got you motivated and excited to become a mentor?

-Jean Steiger, TSICM Blog Editor