Every month our College Success Coaches have meetings with the Senior scholars. At these meetings they have discussed various topics and answered questions to prepare them for their continued education after high school. We currently have 30 seniors preparing for graduation.

This past week at the seniors meeting, held at Manatee Technical College (MTC), they went throught their Florida Prepaid Scholarship Activation Application and we also had special guest, Christy Simunovic-Vice President of BB&T, in attendance. Christy connected with our seniors about financial advise on how to build, grow and utilize credit, how to navigate student loans and options for savings.

The evening consisted of clarification with:

  • Students who are dual enrolled and have completed college credits won’t use all 120 college credits, so what will happen to their remaining credits. 
    • One Option: they can double major or declare a minor to take advantage of all credits
    • Remaining credits can not be used for Graduate School
  • Needing to renew their Florida Prepaid application every year to be applied to their tuition automatically
  • Remaining crime and drug-free

scholars filling out applications

We went around the room and the senior scholars shared their statement of future goals. A few student major/school goals:

  • Business Management at HCC
  • Biology at USF-SM 
  • Physicians Assistant at SCF and then transfer to USF-Tampa
  • Nursing at UCF
  • Aerospace Engineering at UCF
  • Political Science at UNF
  • English at USF-SM
  • Behavioral Healthcare at USF
  • Health Science at FGCU
  • Architect at UF

Christy Simunovic, Vice President of BB&T for 16 years, was connected to Take Stock by our College Counselor. She handed out packets that was informative of interest rates on loans, credit building and effectively using a credit card.

Mentors, do you wish for any specific topics to be covered at our meetings that we do not already cover?

-Jessica Amaya, TSICM Communicatins Intern