We are capturing the experience of the President and Board Chair of our TSIC-Manatee Board at the 11th Annual Leadership Prayer Breakfast,
Vincent P. Foderingham - Vice President, Risk Management of Feld Entertainment, Inc. 
We asked Vin about his experience with TSIC-Manatee:

"I was introduced to Take Stock in Children in 2014 by one of our current board members, Dan Doyle.

I was extremely impressed by the mentoring and support that scholars receive and blown away that a graduating high school student can earn a full-tuition scholarship to a college or technical school. This program is a pathway out of poverty- through education- which ends cycle after cycle of creating an underclass which continues to exist in our society.

I am 1st generation American and the 1st in my family to earn a college degree. My family emigrated here from the small island nation of Barbados in the late 1950's. I understand the challenges of being in a family not originating in America.  A very similar situation that many of our Take Stock scholars face. 

I always remembered my father saying to me, “once you have an education, no one can take it away from you”.  We strive to instill this into each and every scholar in our program. When I was a student, I was left to figure out how best to navigate the decisions to be made in order to get the best education possible. I was fortunate to have mentors in my life, particularly in my high school years, which helped me navigate through these decisions.  The keynote speaker at the Leadership Prayer Breakfast, Coach Mike Jarvis, has been an influential mentor to me.

The theme of the 11th Annual Leadership Prayer Breakfast, "Power of Mentoring". The Power of Mentoring is immeasurable. At Take Stock Manatee we have reshaped our vision, we are re-energized with the spirit of doing more for more students who need our help. We have a board of directors that share this vision and are actively engaged in increasing our capacity to do more."

We asked Vin about his personal relationship/mentorship with Coach Jarvis:

"Coach Jarvis is a good friend and has served as a mentor of mine for almost 40 years. I first met Coach when I was 12 years old growing up in Cambridge, Mass.  Coach was extremely respected in the City and he was in the process of grooming a young man at Cambridge Rindge & Latin High School that would be instrumental in winning 3 Massachusetts Div 1 State Championships, a NCAA Division 1 Championship and then go on to become a NBA All Star and Hall of Famer.  This person would be Patrick Ewing. 

Coach Jarvis created a youth basketball program called Shoot Straight and the program was about teaching kids the fundamentals of basketball and learning how to respect others that you compete against. On Saturday mornings, myself and a bunch of my friends would go to the War Memorial Gymnasium and learn from Coach Jarvis and get coached by the members of the Rindge & Latin basketball team.  Little did I know that this was Coach’s way of having his players involved in giving back to the community.  We looked up to these guys as role models and we all wanted to be part of that successful basketball team someday.

As I got to high school there were so many good basketball players, particularly at guard, so I quickly figured out that I would get cut.  However, his Assistant Coach, Al Coccolutto told me that he was looking to bring on a Team Manager so Mr. C recommended me and I was brought on. I was his Team Manager for all of my 4 years and it proved to be one of the best experiences of my life because I got to spend a lot of time with Coach Jarvis behind the scenes that many of our players didn’t get a chance to have.   I had the opportunity to know his family and understand the type of man he is off the basketball court. I learned about strategic planning, preparation, commitment, organization, anticipation and execution.  These are skills that I had a chance to use not only as a student but also in my professional career.  Those that are here that I have worked with can attest to that. Coach Jarvis served as an inspiration for me to always be my best.  One particular saying I always have in the forefront of my mind is “You only have one chance to make a first impression”. 

As he went on to coach at the Division 1 collegiate level with the likes of Boston University, George Washington and St. John’s I was always proud of the fact that Coach had done well and getting a lot of national attention, particularly when his teams made the NCAA tournament. We would always find ways to stay in touch with each other periodically and when we talked he always took a keen interest in what I was currently up to and continued to encourage me to be just as successful. 

Coach Jarvis and I reconnected 10 years ago after I moved to Florida and he had completed his stint as head basketball coach at Florida Atlantic University. We laugh and joke about our times back in Cambridge and reflect on how blessed we both are to live in paradise. So here I am today with an opportunity I never thought I’d have which is to tell my story of Coach Mike Jarvis and how instrumental he’s been in my life both personally and professionally. For the last 38 years I’ve been lucky to have a mentor like Mike Jarvis in my life. 

When I think of our theme today - "The Power of Mentoring" - I think of men like Mike Jarvis, that have been directly impactful in the development of the man I am today.”

photos from the 2018 Leadership Prayer Breakfast: http://bit.ly/2DVJ4aU

 -Jean Steiger, TSICM Blog Editor