Join Take Stock Manatee in the 2018 Giving Challenge
May 1 & 2 : Noon - Noon
Use the instructions below to make your gift to support Take Stock Manatee's mission of providing Scholarships Mentors & Hope to academically & financially qualified at-risk students in Manatee County!
Gifts up to $100 made during the Giving Challenge are matched by The Patterson Foundation and when these funds are used to purchase scholarships, your doubled gift is matched again by the Florida PrePaid Foundation. $100 becomes $400 towards scholarships for the children in our community!
Follow these simple instructions to make your gift!
  1. Set a Calendar Reminder for tomorrow, May 1st at Noon!
  2. Have a Major Credit Card Ready! (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex)
  3. Go to
  4. Start Typing "Take Stock in Children of Manatee County" in the Organization Name field.
  5. Select Take Stock in Children of Manatee County when the list of choices appears.
  6. Complete the Donation Form.
  7. You will receive an email confirming your gift from the Community Foundation of Sarasota County.
Pro Tips!
If you want to give like a pro during the #GivingChallenge18 follow these Pro Tips:
  1. All gifts from UNIQUE DONORS are eligible for The Patterson Foundation match. That means everyone in your household who has their own credit card can give to Take Stock and have their gift quadruple matched!
  2. Share your gift on Social Media or Email - let your people know why you support Take Stock Manatee and Encourage them to do the same!
  3. You can make a donation to up to five organizations at a time using the website! Maximize your giving efficiency!
  4. Enjoy the satisfaction of being a pro-giver. Visualize the impact you are having on the lives of children for whom post-secondary education would be impossible - very difficult without Take Stock in Children of Manatee County!